About Mie

Since 2017, I’ve been deeply engaged in the art of creating magic through my unique creations. I specialize in customizing dolls, particularly Monster High dolls, and have crafted more than 150 of them. Each doll is a special representation of fantasy, folklore, or the beauty of nature.

I draw inspiration from fairies, elves, and various mythical realms, and I’m also fond of incorporating stories from different cultures to add enchantment to my work. Nature plays a significant role in inspiring me; the elegance of blooming flowers, the grandeur of ancient trees, and the graceful flight of butterflies all influence the intricate details of my custom dolls.

When I create one-of-a-kind (OOAK) dolls, I invest my heart and soul into the creative process, ensuring that each doll is utterly unique. From the delicate brushwork on their faces to the careful selection of fabrics that adorn their forms, I meticulously curate every element to give them a captivating and individual personality.

My journey as a doll customizer is an incredible adventure, filled with happiness, challenges, and personal growth. Beyond being works of art, each doll I create embodies the stories that inspire me and the unwavering passion that drives my craft.